Autowelt Emsbüren

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Location & Accessibility

The location of the car market is right across the border in Germany, at the junction of the A1 (E30) and A31 motorways.(Navigation Address: Gewerbeweg 1, 48465 Schüttorf.

Together with the adjacent paths give this excellent source and drain capabilities .... without traffic jams!


Register for Car Market

Here you can register as a seller to participate in the car market.






Contact & Route

AWE Autowelt Emsbüren GmbH & Co KG :
Gewerbeweg 1
48465 Schüttorf

T: +49 (0) 3222-1090662


HR: 02 03 093


The success of Autowelt Emsbüren is especially the success of buyers and sellers


The success of Autowelt Emsburen is especially the success of buyers and sellers. If buyers and sellers are satisfied and can look back and forward to excellent market days, we from Autowelt Emsburen also satisfied.

Whether you are a buyer or seller market visitor, you can expect the following from us:

  • Wide range of cars
  • Sufficient buyers from various countries.
  • Rapid completion of all required documents
  • Facilities such as restaurant, overnight, clean bathrooms, etc.
  • Customer-oriented service 


The many benefits to buying and selling, we have to put in a row. Just click on the corresponding buttons in the top menu bar.

Like many things in life, the world of cars changes fast. Autowelt Emsburen provides a service wich help authorized dealers continue to work successfully in the international market for used cars, so challenges are easier to face!