Autowelt Emsbüren

Good facilities

Good facilities


The staff of Autowelt Emsburen of course likes to see you as a buyer or seller on our next marketday. To make your stay in our market area as pleasant as possible, we pay much attention to the facilities.

In the market area you will find plenty of opportunities to have a cup of coffee, a sandwich or a hot bite to eat. Naturally, our sanitation is at a high level of hygene. Not only will you find adequate sanitary facilities, but also - around every hour - cleaned.

For our participants who journeyed from far, we offer an additional facility. Sundays from 24:00 you have access to a secluded and protected area where you can stay free of charge, overnight in the car. Obviously showers and toilets are part of this, so a fresh start of the market day is possible. Provision is that you, once stationed on the protected field part, are not allowed to leave the terrain. This way all attendees can have a quiet night as possible. Those who prefer to stay in a hotel or guest house in the neighborhood, we are happy to give some tips. We have a list of several hotels and guesthouses wtihin the area of Autowelt Emsbüren (price: € 12,50 to € 40,00 per night).